A Quick Public Relations Study Guide

Pop quiz time!

Just kidding… Well kind of…

We decided to share some questions and answers about public relations to help folks brush up on their knowledge.

See how many you can get right!

The objective of public relations is to sell _______.

  1. An organization’s products.
  2. An organization’s people.
  3. An organization’s cash flow.
  4. An organization. *

The key element in any public relations program is _______.

  1. Attitude.
  2. Activity.
  3. Action. *
  4. Analysis.

Public relations managers must be willing to ________.

  1. Think strategically and measure results. *
  2. Think linearly and implement marketing plans.
  3. Think intuitively and implement cautious action.
  4. None of the above.

In order to serve the organization best, public relations managers must have ready access to the firm’s _______.

  1. Personnel files.
  2. Hiring policies.
  3. Top management. *
  4. Outside counsel.

A small firm that wants publicity on a national level might try to be included in a ________.

  1. Fact sheet.
  2. Backgrounder.
  3. Press-kit.
  4. Round-up article. *

The most important consumer relations objective of a business is:

  1. Keeping old customers.
  2. Attracting new customers.
  3. Reducing costs.
  4. All of the above. *

One way to win large scale consumer support is to:

  1. Support the war effort.
  2. Differentiate your product from others. *
  3. Advertise in trade magazines.
  4. Appear at trade shows.

One important consumer relations objective is to:

  1. Keep old customers. *
  2. Use coupons to sell products.
  3. Increase advertising every year.
  4. All of the above.

Typical examples of “material” news are _________.

  1. Proposed mergers. *
  2. Change of corporate location.
  3. Promotion of assistant vice presidents.
  4. All of the above.

The demand for international public relations has been necessitated by _________.

  1. The expansion of communications technology.
  2. The realignment of economic blocs.
  3. The pursuit of common causes around the world.
  4. All of the above. *

Multinational companies interested in better public relations must ________.

  1. Think local, act global.
  2. Think global, act local. *
  3. Think small, act large.
  4. Think large, act solemn.