Building Brand Trust Through Storytelling

Building brand trust that resonates with the audience is one of the most important tasks as a communicator. Creating an authentic relationship is not an easy task, and definitely not something that happens overnight. One of the best strategies to create a meaningful connection with your audience is through one of the oldest human traditions there is: storytelling.

Storytelling allows people to make a deeper connection with their clients. If the brand has a perspective people can relate to, it makes the brand stand out and makes the relationship between the two parties more than transactional. Here are a few strategies to use storytelling to reach your publics on a deeper level.

First, think about who your key audiences are. Taking the time to understand the people your client is trying to connect with is a very important first step. Understanding the background of your audience helps you to choose a story that they will be appealing and relatable. Not only that, but it also gives the client a deeper appreciation and understanding of their publics.

Once you begin to see things from the perspectives of the audience, you can plan how you are going to reach the public. You can choose a story that resonates and decide how to implement the messaging. What media do these people consume? Should the campaign or story be told digitally, through other mediums, or through multiple channels to best reach the intended audience? Are there institutions or organizations that your publics identify with that could be reached out to? Can you incorporate members of the key audience into these stories to create more engagement? These are just a few questions to consider.

Finally, and most important of all, be genuine. Take the time to learn about your audiences because it is truly important. Try to see things as they do because you want to better understand their perspective. Engage with social initiatives that are near and dear to these people. Nothing creates an authentic relationship better than authenticity.