Five Ways to Create Social Media Accounts that Attract Followers

Social Media has become more powerful than anyone could have predicted ten years ago, and it is only growing stronger. Waiting too long to rise with this tide will result in you getting crushed beneath the waves of social media apathy. Fortunately, there are a few easy steps you can take to build an effective social media presence.

1. Be Responsive

People like to form relationships online. An official account sharing or replying to a fan’s social media posts shows an engagement with your audience. If you build those relationships, even a little, it will strengthen your connection with your audience. Playful interactions occasionally get picked up by news sites and get shared across the wider media landscape, increasing your following substantially.

2. Be Present

Regular updates are a must on social media. Infrequently updated pages can get buried by the complicated algorithms that determine what gets seen and what doesn’t. On social media platforms that don’t curate, this can be even worse since your posts will sink like a stone with no one to share them. An inert social media account won’t do the job for you.

3. Be Consistent

You are on social media in part to build your brand. All your posts, be they text, photo, video, or audio, must be consistent with your branding. If your social media personality is in sharp contrast with the rest of your brand, it will create dissonance in your audience and won’t help your case. There must be synergy throughout your media presence. Don’t confuse your message.

4. Be Uncontroversial

Unless you are part of an explicitly political organization, don’t weigh in on politics. The same goes for religion. Don’t touch it outside of wishing people Happy Holidays. There is no reason to alienate large segments of your audience for no reason. If you do feel you have something important to say that is potentially controversial, make sure to massage your message so it alienates as few those who would disagree as possible. Don’t burn unnecessary bridges.

5. Be Aware of Changing Trends

Not a lot of people talk about it now, but MySpace was once the social media hub. Now it’s not much of anything. If you aren’t keeping up on social media trends you can easily fall behind the curve. Facebook was built to last (so far) but Vine was huge for a minute then seemed to have disappeared the next. Don’t waste your efforts on shrinking platforms. Know what is happening in the social media landscape.

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