Prepare Your 2022 Social Media Calendar

One of the best ways communication professionals can stay ahead of the game in 2022 is by creating a calendar of scheduled social media posts for the year.

Any communication professional who has managed social media accounts is probably familiar with social media marketing software like Hootsuite. Hootsuite allows users to manage multiple social media profiles under one account. Through them, subscribers can plan, schedule, and publish posts and take advantage of the other useful tools they provide. There are lots of alternatives to Hootsuite out there as well, which provide similar services like Buffer, Sensible, and Social Pilot. With features from the software like just mentioned, users can schedule a yearly calendar for all their social media posts.

While it is not possible to know every single post that is going to be made in a year by January, there are a lot of bases that can be covered ahead of time. Major holidays are a good place to start. Significant religious and yearly holidays, Black History Month, and Women’s History Month are good examples of foreseeable events that call for acknowledgment. Posts for any definite company/client happenings should also be included. All these posts can be made at the beginning of the year and scheduled to be posted at their respective dates and times. Scheduling posts in advance can save professionals from scrambling at the last minute to come up with content.

To create and schedule a post in Hootsuite, users can go to the “create new post” button in the tool bar. The software then lets you make the post on their platform. After the content is created in the composer, click on “schedule for later,” which will allow you to choose the date and time for the content to be posted. Hootsuite includes lots of other features for scheduling uploads like “schedule and duplicate” which allows the user to keep a copy of the post for later if needed, or the bulk composer, which can be used to schedule, edit, and upload multiple social media posts at once.

Tools like Hootsuite are valuable assets to PR professionals. Using their features to create a yearly calendar of social media posts can save lots of time and aggravation. Scheduling posts ahead of time ensures events will not be missed and also frees up time to focus on more important matters that come up throughout the year.

Significant Dates 2022: