Three Common Web Mistakes

Most companies and organizations understand that they need to have a presence on the internet, but not enough understand how to make that presence work for them instead of against them. The fact of the matter is that a poorly designed website can hurt just as much if not more than not even having one.

Here are three common mistakes people make when creating their websites:

1. Updating Infrequently

Your website is up. It looks good! Pristine, even! You wouldn’t dare toy with perfection, would you? It has up to date information about your company and staff. It has links to your YouTube videos. But for some reason it keeps sinking further and further down Google searches and your goals aren’t being met.

What gives?

The reality is that websites, no matter how attractive, need to be regularly updated to be read as “active” by search engines, and sites that aren’t regularly updated will plummet in relevant web searches. You can’t just throw up new pages and hope to trick search engines anymore either. Search designers are very smart, and they’ve taught their search engines how to recognize real content from hastily put-together pages that exist just to trick them.

To make the most of your website, you need to update it regularly with quality content.

2. Not Optimizing For Mobile

No matter how pretty your website looks on your laptop, if it doesn’t look just as good when viewed on a tablet or phone, it is not doing its job. Believe it or not, a majority of our internet browsing is done on mobile devices now. A website that does not look as good on your phone as it does on your computer is a website that isn’t doing what needs to be done.

3. Hiding Your Contact Information

Websites are at their best when they’re interactive. People love having videos to watch, galleries to flip through, and methods of doing on top of just viewing. But while people are busy punching up their websites into the online equivalent of Disneyland, they often forget the main reason their website exists: to create avenues for web surfers to connect with you and your organization.

How do you fix that?

Easy! Make sure that your phone number and contact information are easy to find on your web page. It would surprise you how difficult many websites, even websites for major global brands, make the simple act of sending an e-mail difficult. If it takes visitors more than one minute to get to your contact page, it can make the difference between a sale going to you or to the competition.

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