How to Prepare for a Live Television Interview (from the Subject’s Point of View)

Prepping for an Interview & What to Expect When You Arrive

Picture this, it’s six in the evening and you get an e-mail from your PR person. You’ve been requested to give your expertise on a topic you can talk about day and night, and never get bored.

Here’s the dilemma… the interview is in two days. And it’s on LIVE television.

But don’t fret! You’ve stumbled upon the perfect blog (a crash course if you will) to help you be camera ready! Stay with us as we walk you down a chronological road of recommendations in order for you to be prepared.

First things first – decide what you are going to discuss. If nee

ded, take notes about the subject. Brush up on your knowledge to ensure you’re giving the best presentation possible. Then be sure to research the show that you are going to be a guest on. What’s the political climate? Who’s your audience? How small or large is the audience? Is there an in-house audience or is it a one-on-one interview? It’s important to know what you’re walking in to and how you will be received. Then know who’s interviewing you. Do they have conservative views? More modern? Have they interviewed guests like you before?

Here comes the fun part – wardrobe! Choose clothing that makes a statement but isn’t terribly distracting. Something that allows your personality to shine through. Also, keep in mind that makeup may or may not be provided. Coordinate with the contact person for the show so that you have ample time to outsource a makeup artist if necessary.

Proper rest the night before the interview is also highly advised. Those bright studio lights seem to emphasize puffiness under one’s eyes in an unprecedented way.

Before you know it, the interview day will be upon you. On the day of, be sure to arrive on time. Give yourself extra time if you need to stop and grab coffee and/or breakfast. Timeliness provides a sense of assurance for those working on the show and can help create opportunities for future features, whether as a repeat guest, or when others are looking for recommendations. If you tend to be nervous on camera or in tense situations, try some breathing exercises as we wait in the green room.

Lights, Camera, Action! You’re Ready!