YouTube is a Staple of Social Media

Can you portray your company, strategy, or technique well via video production? If so, YouTube is the perfect outlet to portray it on. Used correctly, YouTube has the potential to drive more attention to your website or outlet. Creating a YouTube channel for your company allows for complete freedom of expression as to thoughts, perceptions, concepts, or …messages. In other words, this platform enables your company to promote or express a message that you feel is important. It also allows for total global access to your business service or product. There is a vast difference between reading information vs. watching and listening to a YouTube video. Watching a video resonates differently, allowing for a different perception. For analogical purposes,v it’s like reading a book and then watching the correlating movie; the interpretation is different surrounding the same concept. After creating a YouTube channel anyone across the world can “subscribe “to the channel, meaning follow it. Then, any individual who follows will automatically get updated whenever there is activity on the account. If one doesn’t subscribe, they can still watch the videos but are not automatically informed when there is new activity. Simply, one would have to search for the video via the title, keywords, hashtags associated with the video, and or a specific personality in the video. If you are a professional seeking to grow your reach, YouTube is a good source to use. Anyone is capable of uploading unprofessional, thoughtless, and underwhelming videos to their channel, which creates a lack of credibility. However, a confident business professional has the ability to do the opposite and upload videos with clarity, direction, and credibility thereby gaining the attention of viewers who are serious about furthering their knowledge or curiosity about the video they click on. For more information, contact The JPR Group Public Relations at (973) 980-0100 or email