The Importance of Video

These days it seems that everyone is creating their own video content, and rightfully so. Over the years, video has become an important marketing tool. It allows businesses to communicate to their audience in a different, and often more direct way since it is how most people consume their news today. The shareability of videos also helps increase online presence and word-of-mouth.

By producing your own video content, you are able to visually communicate the stories you want to tell about your business and generate a community for your business online as well. Here are a few pointers to help you create effective video content:

  • Go brighter.
  • Aside from making sure that your videos are at the best resolution they can be (usually 1280 x 720 or 1920 x 1080), lighting is also just as important. You almost always want to go brighter than you think, within reason of course. If the shot is looking washed out then it’s probably too bright. However, in most cases it is best to have a brighter shot rather than a darker shot, as it may become too grainy and will end up being much harder to fix when you are editing later on. Brighter videos also attract more views as they are more inviting and visually engaging.
  • Brand your videos.
  • You always want to start and/or end your videos with your brand’s logo. For situations where that is not possible, consider including it somewhere else throughout the video, for instance as a lower third. This ensures that wherever your videos are shared, your brand remains credited along with the video. A logo also reminds viewers of your brand.
  • Keep it short.
  • This may vary depending on the content of the video, but usually, you want to make sure your videos are shareable across all platforms. This is best done if your videos are around 1-2 minutes long. A shorter video also encourages more views as people may be more likely to stop and watch a 1-2 minute video rather than a 10-minute video. People often choose to watch a video because they don’t want to spend that time reading an article or post, so you want to make sure that your videos can effectively and honestly communicate what you want to share within a specific amount of time.