TikTok Trend Targeting Schools

The social media giant TikTok is best known for the trends that go viral on the app.

Middle and high school-aged students are often learning short dances, life hacks, or

beauty tips from other users. While most of these popular trends are harmless fun, a

more unsettling trend has begun to worry parents and teachers alike.

A recent challenge on TikTok is encouraging children to perform delinquent and even

illegal behaviors each month. October’s “theme” is smack a teacher, November’s is kiss

your friend’s girlfriend, and December’s is “deck the halls and show your b***” just to

name a few. This new trend is leaving teachers and school administration bracing for

impact. Superintendents of school districts are sending out communications to their

communities, alerting parents and warning students of the consequences of their actions.

Parents should talk to their children about what they see online. These are not harmless

pranks but serious crimes. Smacking a teacher or kissing someone’s girlfriend without

consent could be met with disciplinary or even legal action against the student. Young

Tik Tok users need to understand the severity of playing along with these challenges.

Following trends from the digital world can have real-life consequences.